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There are several different ways you can analyze the rich customer data. Unfortunately it is not always easy to analyze all that information. With your customer data stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (, you can export data to Microsoft Excel, where you can use Excel features to summarize, aggregate, or present your data in different perspectives. You can use one of the default reports that come with Dynamics CRM. You can run custom reports created by other users. Or you can use the Report Wizard to create your own custom reports that will summarize and display exactly the information you need.

The Report Wizard enables you to summarize and display data from two types of records at once. You can create charts that you can click to see the supporting data tables, and you can create tables that let you click an item to go to a specific associated record in Microsoft CRM. You can group data by time intervals or by any field, and you can summarize data by sum, average, maximum, minimum, or percentage. You can also display records with the most or least of one criterion.

When you create a report with the Report Wizard, it is viewable only by you, but if it is a good report, why not share it with other users? To share a report you've created with specific users or teams, click "Share" in the Collaborate group. To share it with everyone in the organization, click "Edit" in the Records group, and then set "Viewable By" to "Organization" on the Administration tab.

To use the Report Wizard, you must have the appropriate permission for your security role in MS Dynamics CRM. By default, only some managers and the system administrator and customizer can create reports. If you don't have permission, consider asking your manager or system customizer if a customized report that you need can be created and added to the report list.

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