Gartner Report Says CRM Software Top Priority in 2013

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CRM will be a top priority for enterprise IT spending according to a report released by the research firm Gartner. 2013 and 2014 will see an increase in CRM spending as the business software technology edged out ERP, which previously held the top spot. Office software came in third.

Businesses' growing need for customer retention and satisfaction are the main catalysts for the rise in CRM spending, the Gartner report said. Many also feel the need to upgrade or purchase new software that integrates better with social media and mobile devices, which now dominate the technology landscape for both professionals and consumers.

Rather than simply tracking online sales, many companies are now adopting a more hands-on approach to customer relations. A basic marketing campaign that does not involve engaging the customers is simply not enough anymore. The competition is stiff, and businesses need a CRM system that can help them meet the customers where they are, whether it is in social media or on the web.

By 2014, a large percentage of organizations in "mature IT environments" like Europe and North America expect to deal with plateaued or even lower IT budgets than previous years. Meanwhile, emerging markets expect to see a large increase, according to Gartner.  Those users in non-English speaking countries will be looking for CRM systems that can handle localization, both of the language and legal regulations, for their countries.

Is your IT budget increasing or decreasing next year? Do you see the value in upgrading or purchasing new CRM software? What features are you looking for in your new CRM system? Do you know the approximate cost of a new CRM system? (You can get a quick cost estimate of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at These are all questions CIOs should be asking and finding the answers to over the course of the next year.

Source: InfoWorld

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