Cost of Implementing Microsoft CRM

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Many factors go into deciding the right CRM solution – ability to meet business requirements, ease of use, adaptability with other technologies, etc. But whatever your criteria are, in the end all businesses want to know what it will cost to implement Microsoft CRM.

To determine what it will cost for your organization, you first need to decide if you want an on-premise solution or a hosted solution. On-Premise will of course require greater upfront costs to buy licenses and potentially a new server. A Hosted Solution will remove those upfront costs, but it will mean on-going subscription fees. It is also important to remember that Microsoft CRM is licensed on a named user basis.

The second consideration you need to make is the scope and size of your needs. If you have multiple users, an extensive business process you need to incorporate, or extensive training needs, you will probably need to spend a good deal of time analyzing and documenting your processes and workflows, and then develop a plan.

The third thing to consider is what other software you want to integrate with Microsoft CRM. While it is best to wait for a second phase to take on things such as integrating to your accounting package or other business management software, you should try to determine upfront what such a project is likely to cost.

By looking at these three areas, you can determine what your cost will ultimately be. For more information on the cost of Microsoft CRM, please visit us at, or call us at 866-504-4357

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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