Big and Exciting Changes Coming to Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

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Microsoft plans to release its newest, and perhaps greatest, edition of Dynamics CRM later this year. Currently codenamed “ORION,” the newest version of Dynamics CRM is said to offer a more engaging and intuitive experience to new customers while continuing the momentum of its predecessor, “POLARIS”, released late last year.

Microsoft developers have been hard at work striving to make the new version Dynamics CRM as user-friendly as possible. They have deleted the “Ribbon” and navigation bars that have historically caused confusion for users and replaced them with a centralized (top center) drop-down navigation tool that is almost identical to the drop-down menu currently being utilized in Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, if a customer is familiar with Microsoft Outlook, they should have an easy time adopting and navigating the “ORION” version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Continuing with the user-friendly theme, one of the biggest and most exciting changes to expect with “ORION” is the addition of a mobile client. This client is rumored to be available for both Windows and iOS operating systems, meaning you can access it from your Windows 8 tablet or iPad, and will be available in both the on-premise and cloud versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This mobile client will allow salespeople to take their client information with them on the road and allow them to access it from any device without having to download a third -party application.

Microsoft has worked very hard to ensure that current users of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics CRM Online will be able to take advantage of these new features by offering seamless upgrades that will be available to users as soon as “ORION” has been publically released.

These are just a few of the exciting changes rumored to be coming with “ORION”. As more information becomes available about other new features we will keep you informed.

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By: Rachel Geib, Marketing Specialist, Nexus Tek

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