Benefits of Tracking Customer Data in CRM 2011

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Tracking customer data is imperative for making a business successful, whether you have one customer or a million. It provides your business with the ability to know your customers in depth. You will know the products they use, what complaints they have, what services you have provided to them, how much of your product they have purchased, what their business needs are, contact information, and so much more.


There are many Customer Tracking technical tools on the market to make this process quite simple. Of course, you could go old school and keep hand-written notes of it all. But, keeping notes will use reams of paper, kill several trees, and likely give you carpal tunnel over time. So, we, here at Rockton Software, considered an out-of-the-box solution: Microsoft Customer Relationship (CRM).


By tracking customer data, you can quickly look up information about your customers for marketing purposes, reporting, sales, strategizing and forecast planning, and past and future performance. You can also use historical information to refer to for troubleshooting. One example is, if an issue has come up before, you can refer to it, therefore saving the time of re-inventing the wheel. You will be able to meet your customers' needs more quickly and efficiently, saving you and them time, which saves both of you money. This also computes to higher customer satisfaction, a better reputation and potentially reaching a broader sales territory because your customers are saying good things about your company, products, and support.


Tracking Customer Data in CRM 2011 also allows you to learn from experiences, which helps you build upon the positive ones and avoid repeating the negative ones. You will be able to track prospective customers and follow up with them to potentially turn them into buying customers. And, when you bring in new employees, they can quickly learn about your customer base, so ramp up time is drastically reduced allowing them to hit the ground running.


These are just some of the benefits of customer tracking. There are so many more that I’ve hardly scratched the surface here. Consider doing this for your company, or you are most likely not allowing your company to reach its fullest potential.


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Written By Pam Rasmussen, Technical Support at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics Add-On Partner.