3 Key Acquisitions Are Making Microsoft Dynamics CRM More Social

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“In embracing change, entrepreneurs ensure social and economic stability.” – George Gilder

It is no secret that businesses are becoming more social.  Today’s customers have more choices and access to more product information, placing greater demands on companies to remain competitive.  Social media marketing offers a way to gain better visibility into these changing demands.  In the journey towards increased social capabilities, Microsoft is helping companies become more socially-oriented through its acquisition of companies like Yammer, Netbreeze, and MarketingPilot. The improved social capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your company:

Listen.  Uncover trends by listening in on what your customers are saying.

Engage.  Directly participate in important conversations with shareholders.

Collaborate.  Work with people quickly and easily to create desired outcomes.

Amplify.  Spread your message and create awareness.

Solve.  Connect with customers and the community to harness collective knowledge.

Innovate.  Benefit from ideas and opportunities that can be learned from your audience.

Analyze.  Get real-time feedback and monitor buzz to emphasize effective practices.

Yammer allows greater connectivity throughout an organization and its people.  By fully integrating Yammer’s social feeds into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can easily connect with people both inside and outside of the organization to produce better results through collaboration, all from the comfort of their CRM dashboard.  Yammer allows CRM users to access documents, stay up-to-date on records, or connect with any area of the organization quickly and easily to make information more accessible.

Microsoft’s enhanced social media capabilities can help your company drive sales and optimize marketing campaigns with its recent integration with Netbreeze.  Netbreeze allows users to monitor and analyze social marketing efforts and point out the most effective topics to discuss and strategies for your company.  Netbreeze will be directly embedded into Microsoft Dynamics CRM at no additional charge to organizations.

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of MarketingPilot brings a whole new level of marketing functionality to the CRM marketing module.  MarketingPilot is an Integrated Marketing Management Tool with four main components:

  • marketing resource management
  • campaign management
  • budgeting
  • media buying and planning

MarketingPilot allows marketers to generate more revenue and monitor the results of their marketing efforts by offering greater insight into managing resources, improving team effectiveness and sales alignment, reducing spending errors, forecasting more accurately, and choosing the best method to deliver your message.  MarketingPilot seamlessly connects to Dynamics CRM to offer an integrated, familiar look and feel.


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By Michael Ramatowski & Brad Vorbeck at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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