Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Not for Profits

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You work for a not-for-profit organization and there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. You juggle different spreadsheets to try and keep track of current and potential donors. You have reminders set up on your Outlook calendar so you won’t forget to touch base with all of the people who have pledged monthly, bi monthly or annual donations. Enough is enough. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can streamline all of the information most important to your company and help make your job much easier.

The top ten benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for not-for-profits include:

  1. Donation and pledge management. You can easily track incoming funds and pledges. Once the information is inputted and related to specific campaigns, CRM will automatically update the charts and graphs illustrating how close you are to achieving your overall fundraising goal. From there, you can set up an automatic thank you email every time a donation is received. You can also set up automatic reminder emails that are sent when a pledge is due.graph
  2. Membership management. Keep detailed information about each of your members, including donation and volunteer history, demographics, marketing history and information about which campaigns they have participated in.
  3. Volunteer tracking. Easily keep a log of every hour and activity each volunteer completes, along with each person’s availability schedule. From this information you can easily generate reports on total hours volunteered and total projects completed.
  4. Grant management. Track all of your grant information in one place including the status of applications and award history.
  5. Seamless integration with other Microsoft products. With the click of your mouse, you can export information straight from CRM to Excel or upload templates from Word. CRM also integrates with Outlook, so you can automatically generate emails to contacts in your database.
  6. Affordability. Eligible not-for-profits are able to take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for $9.99 each month per user with a minimum of five users.
  7. Low IT needs. With CRM Online, you can access your information anywhere with little to no need for professional IT support. Your users will have no problem learning CRM due to its similarity to other Microsoft products. DFC offers a low cost support plan to ensure access to CRM experts.
  8. Customization. Personalize your home screen to see the information that matters most to you, including reports, graphs and real-time donation statistics.
  9. Information sharing. With the marketing and campaign features in CRM, each of your employees will have access to updated information on your company’s marketing strategies, upcoming events and special promotions. You can also control access so that only certain users can modify, create or see certain records if you so wish.
  10. Automatic Synch. When you insert an upcoming activity or event into CRM it will link directly to each involved employee’s Outlook calendar.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best, and most affordable, solution on the market today for not-for-profit organizations. If you would like more information about how CRM can help your not-for-profit, contact DFC Consultants.

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  1. Great summary!. In addition, it is worth mentioning that several Dynamics CRM vendors have important discounts on their products specially for non-profits. In the case of CRMGamified, we are helping non-profits to fuel CRM users adoption with really crazy discounts for instance.

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