Think Your Company Doesn’t Need CRM? Think Again.

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Improving sales, marketing, and customer relations is why most companies transition to Microsoft CRM, along with cost savings and efficiencies.  But let’s take this one step further and talk about critical company-specific information you are currently missing in your daily decision making, sales outreach, and financial reporting - and - compare the significance of the loss of that information vs. implementing CRM in your organization.

Maybe you’re using your email system, a sales reporting software program, or other database tool to manage your sales and customer relations.  When you run reports, you have to pull data from multiple sources, which results in a skewed picture as to what is really going on in the sales, marketing, and customer service areas. Right now – can you run a report that tells you:

  • How many sales deals your company lost over the last 12 months? Two Years? Three?
  • How many prospects were overlooked and never contacted?
  • How many prospects expressed a specific interest in your product/service but never received a call or email?
  • How many proposals were submitted that fell through the cracks
  • And these are just a few examples…

Now look at the impact CRM has on leveraging critical business information. With CRM in place, your company is now able to:

  • Capture all prospect and customer information in one database
  • Share information company-wide; everyone in the company shares and see the exact same data in real time
  • Customize and set-up CRM to capture company-specific data you’re interested in tracking
  • Immediately know the exact status of any customer or prospect 24/7
  • Receive automated reminders of next steps telling you exactly what to do and when for each prospect and customer
  • Have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your sales pipeline

In today’s world, up-to-date and comprehensive information is critical to successful business operations. CRM gives your company the ability to share key data throughout the organization and across departments. Still think your company doesn’t need – or isn’t ready for – CRM? Think instead about what not having CRM is costing your company in sales and operations.

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRMis a powerful and effective tool that we use at P2 Automation on a daily basis to track our inbound and outbound communications, automate sales activities, and manage our marketing process. Microsoft CRM empowers organizations to manage the entire relationship cycle – from lead, to prospect, to client, and ongoing client management.  P2 Automation specializes in business workflow, data management and workplace productivity using technology you may already own.  Contact P2 Automation today to improve your workforce productivity.

P2 Automation is a Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

1 thought on “Think Your Company Doesn’t Need CRM? Think Again.”

  1. As you pointed out, it is important to always be able to have the most current information available in the customer data base and have it accessible by all. Also take into account how much time savings that will be for everyone and how it would improve the productivity and workflow, not to mention quicker response time for the customers. When you have the information stored globally, there will be no more hunting down information, or running the risk of having two people working on the same customer query.

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