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One of the most common questions that we receive when meeting with customers is: "Am I able to access Dynamics CRM online from my cell phone or portable device such as a tablet or iPad? " With today's workplace becoming so dependent on mobile devices, it is essential that customers can access their CRM information seamlessly from anywhere, using any device.

With the Resco Dynamics CRM Mobile Application, customers are able to access, edit, and create new accounts from any device. The application also allows the user to take advantage of the mobile device in their hands by allowing a call to be made directly from the application, scan bar codes, or write emails that can be immediately tracked on the CRM server.

Like traditional CRM home screens, Resco CRM allows dashboards to contain charts, tasks, and other vital CRM functionality that helps the user easily and efficiently track their data without ever having to open your computer.

Most importantly, Resco Mobile connects securely and directly with your CRM system, meaning that any updates or entries made in the application will be visible to you the next time that you open your CRM system on your computer.

With today's market moving toward a mobile work environment, Resco Mobile strives to make connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as easy as picking up your phone and making a phone call.

To learn more about the Resco Mobile application, or to schedule an appointment with a NexusTek sales professional, please email Visit to learn more about how we can further assist you and your CRM needs.

By Rachel Geib,  NexusTek Marketing Specialist

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