Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Competitor Contract and Building Information Management

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In past blogs, I have talked about the power of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to deploy XRM solutions for our clients.  What is an XRM solution you ask?  Well if CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management then XRM stands for [Anything] Relationship Management. What this means is that we can apply all of the great customization and extensibility tools that come with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create a solution that can manage any business data and processes that we want.

At NexusTek, we really love these types of projects because they enable us to deliver high ROI solutions to our customers that are tailored to their unique business requirements.  (Plus they are really fun to work on!)  We recently applied the XRM capabilities of Dynamics CRM for one of our clients to extend the information captured by salespeople to enhance the sales process and close more sales.

Our client, Haynes Mechanical Systems, has been providing the highest level of service to their customers for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for over 40 years.  At HMS, they measure their success by the success of their customers.  During one of our Quarterly Business Review meetings we discussed their objective to upgrade and modernize their accounting and field service management systems while adding customer relationship management capabilities in order to take advantage of the latest technologies.  We completed a high level requirements analysis for their organization which resulted in them choosing the Microsoft Dynamics platform for accounting, field service management, and customer relationship management.

We then conducted a detailed requirements analysis for their customer relationship management processes and learned that their sales process would be greatly enhanced by capturing information regarding the contracts that their potential customers have with their competitors as well as information regarding the buildings and equipment that are serviced under these contracts.  We came up with a design that incorporated standard Dynamics CRM sales management functionality such as Opportunity Management and Goal Management but also included custom functionality for capturing Competitor Contract and Building information.  We also implemented a custom workflow that monitors Competitor Contract end dates and automatically notifies the salesperson that the contract is going to expire and then automatically creates an Opportunity for the salesperson to follow up on and forecast.

Now, the salespeople can focus on meeting with potential customers instead of trying to manage who to follow up with and when.  The more competitor contracts they enter in to Dynamics CRM, the more opportunities Dynamics CRM generates for them to follow up on at the appropriate time, the more sales they can close in less time.

If your organization could benefit from the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase sales by capturing relevant information and using that information to automate sales processes, or to address any other business objectives you might have, please contact NexusTek at 303.773.6464 or

By Randy Bristol, Director- Dynamics Solutions

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