Managing Customer Responses to Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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When potential customers respond positively to one of your marketing campaigns, you'll want to pursue those responses efficiently and completely, and that's where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in. Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( enables you to take the word "potential" off of as many of those potential customers as possible.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, campaign responses are records of customer responses to your marketing campaigns. Campaign responses enable you to track a potential customer's interest in your products or services. You can create campaign responses manually, or you can convert a marketing campaign activity, such as email, phone calls, or an event, into a campaign response.

For email campaigns, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can automatically generate campaign responses. When this option is set, you just create a campaign activity in Microsoft CRM and choose email as the channel, and a campaign response will be created for each email recipient who sends an email back to your organization in response.

Once a campaign response has been created, it can be converted into a new lead, account, or contact within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or it can be converted into a quote, order, or opportunity associated with an existing account or contact. You can also close a campaign response without converting it.

It takes efficient record-keeping to keep responses from potential customers organized, managed, and away from falling through the cracks. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect tool for the job, and your best bet for removing the word "potential" from the equation.

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