Fixed Fee Implementation of Microsoft CRM

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Many businesses have utilized Microsoft CRM to automate their sales process, customer service operations, and many other client contact functions. While the vast majority of businesses recognize the value of a full-fledged engagement with a partner, some businesses today look to implement Microsoft CRM themselves. There are many reasons a business may opt to do this: self-sufficient organizations that feel they do not need outside help, emerging organizations with budgetary concerns, or businesses that want a small test environment as part of their evaluation.

Whatever the reason, a company that wants the full value of Microsoft CRM needs to have the expertise of a partner, starting with the set-up. For this reason, Intellitec Solutions is offering Fixed Fee Implementations of Microsoft CRM. We offer 3 different plans, with services ranging from account set-up and basic training and modifications, up to plans that include needs analysis and higher end configuration and support. These plans are perfect for businesses that need to be up and running quickly on Microsoft CRM, and need to do so with cost certainty.

For more information on our fixed fee plans and for general information on Microsoft CRM, please visit us at, or call us at 866-504-4357

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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