Expand Your Marketing Team with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Most businesses depend on successful marketing campaigns to drive sales and expand their reach to new customers. From planning to carrying through, a marketing campaign involves a great deal of information, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (http://mig.com/Software-Solutions/Customer-Relationship-Management-CRM/Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM) makes it easy to organize and keep track of all that information.

When you are planning to start a marketing campaign, you can create and name the campaign in Microsoft CRM, where all the information on that campaign can be found in one place. This makes it easy to keep track of planning activities, campaign activities, and customer responses for a single campaign.

Planning activities might include tasks such as identifying where to place advertising, contacting media outlets for said advertising, and reviewing and approving advertising. Campaign activities might include creating target marketing lists, sending advertisements to media outlets, and sending materials to retailers. You list the tasks in each category, and use MS Dynamics CRM to keep track of the progress and completion of each task.

You can track customer responses to the campaign in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help gauge the success of the campaign.

Dynamics CRM (http://mig.com/Software-Solutions/Customer-Relationship-Management-CRM/Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM/Marketing-Automation) templates simplify the running of a campaign. You can use email templates to ensure that your email messaging has a consistent look and feel. If a campaign is successful, you can create a campaign template based on it that will automatically include the same planning and campaign activity lists, which you can then edit, saving you time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a number of helpful reports. A Campaign Status report gives you a summary of a campaign, including planned and actual time parameters for all tasks. To see how a campaign has performed, run a Campaign report, a detailed view that includes responses and the financial returns of the campaign. Run a Campaign Comparison report to identify your most and least successful campaigns.

A successful marketing campaign requires a lot of hard work, and Dynamics CRM can do a lot of that work for you.

MIG & Co. is a professional consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of business management software solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and CRM. We automate business processes to ensure that our customers work efficiently. MIG is a New York City based Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner, primarily serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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