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“He who walks in the middle of the road gets hit from both sides.”  – George P. Schultz

 Do you ever have those times when you are out of the office and run into a situation where you wish you had your office with you? Have you had a customer ask you a specific question and you couldn’t answer it right away, just because you didn’t have your notes and past calls on hand?

With customer demands and all the new technology today, companies have made it much easier for customers to make a purchase online and have immediate access to it. For example buying books on amazon or music from iTunes, you receive confirmation within seconds and are able to download it to your tablet, iPhone, Kindle, etc. With all of these tech savvy ideas, companies can receive immediate access to all of this information and can take action as well.

What is Mobile CRM? It is CRM at your fingertips, “anytime, anywhere, and on any device that is untethered”.  We now strive to impress our customers by grabbing their attention with this cool device we hold in our hands but most importantly with all the valuable content that is on it. We are now able to extend the top rated CRM software to those devices in real time. If your CRM Software is not mobile ready, look to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software.


Download our new white paper, Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM”. In this white paper we will look at ways you can achieve these kinds of strategic goals, with real life examples. The kind of goals that put you ahead of the competition and put money in the bank.

For a high level estimate of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please use our “FREE” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote Tool”. This tool gives you a great starting point for assessing your potential investment in a World Class CRM Business Solution.

By Michael Ramatowski at Turnkey Technologies, Inc. – Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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