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Earlier in the month, I wrote a blog post about the acquisition of Netbreeze and how the integration of its social analytic capabilities with Dynamics CRM will benefit users; read it here.  The Netbreeze announcement was just one of the many exciting topics discussed at this year’s Convergence conference. 

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Convergence is an annual conference where Microsoft Dynamics partners, current users and prospective clients come together to hear what’s coming for each Dynamics product, learn best practices and share tips and tricks.  For those who are new to Dynamics, it’s a great place to get the in depth information you need to decide if it’s the right choice for your organization.  Of course, not everyone has the time or budget to travel to the conference in person.  That’s why Microsoft makes many of the sessions available online through Virtual Convergence.  Signing up takes under a minute, is FREE and gives you unlimited access to the On Demand sessions.  So, if you’re currently researching your CRM options and would like to take a closer look at Dynamics CRM, Virtual Convergence 2013 is for you.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the Dynamics CRM sessions you’ll find at Virtual Convergence:

  • Analytics Made Simple with Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Increase the insights your users gain from business data by providing them with interactive and compelling charting, dashboards and desktop analysis tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Learn which options are available for analytics within Microsoft Dynamics CRM; how to visually present information to users where and when they need it; how to make charts and dashboards more relevant to individuals; and how to increase business performance with your business data.
  • Boost Your Sales Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Discover how the sales management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can drive better win-rates, pipeline insight and sales process management. Learn best practices and see how the new user experiences in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can improve CRM adoption and utilization.
  • Building a Social Strategy for Your Business—Many organizations establish a Twitter or Facebook account and think that their job is done! That is simply not the case. If you are going to successfully harness social technologies, you need to do it properly – which involves thinking about how it fits into your communication and collaboration strategy. Learn best practices and tips and tricks to get you started, as well as how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft technologies can assist.

This is just a sampling of the kind of great information you can access through Virtual Convergence.  To register and see the complete list of available Dynamics CRM sessions, click here.

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By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A NC Microsoft Dynamics partner




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