Valued Customers vs. Volume Customers

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At first glance, it may seem that having hundreds of customers is a good thing, but when it comes down to the bottom line, more isn’t always better.  Having customers is obviously critical, but you want good-customers, not bad-customers.  Telling the difference between the two isn’t always easy, but a customer relationship management (CRM) solution will make it easier to find your valued customers and protect yourselves from the risky ones.


  1. Useful Patterns. With CRM software, you gain insight into buying and customer trends that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Customer behavior is important to analyze regularly as it doesn’t stay the same for too long. With CRM software, you can gain that insight as well as maintain it for future analysis.
  2. Informed Sales and Marketing Decisions. With the insight into useful patterns, you can then make informed business decisions in regard to your sales and marketing efforts. CRM software can help you connect each area of business to increase the effectiveness and improve sales that are more profitable for your company.
  3. Profitability Analysis. As mentioned above, CRM software gives your company insight into customer behavior so you can plan accordingly, but more importantly, it helps show your profitability. If you’ve achieved more customers over the past year, congratulations! But, if those customers are running you ragged without showing the money, you may need to make a very difficult decision. That decision, though difficult to make, can be backed by CRM software so you can rest assured you’re making the right decision for the success of your company.


From useful patterns to profitability analysis, CRM software can really heighten a company’s awareness to become more profitable. Once you gain that valuable insight, you can then also keep your customers happy by having crucial information at your fingertips.


As a Microsoft Dynamics® CRM partner out of Arizona, we have seen CRM improve profitability at organizations and the flexibility of deployment is also a huge value add. Learn more about CRM software here: or fill out our quick estimate tool to see if it’s in your budget this year.


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