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Making sales isn’t about luck; it’s about finding prospects and knowing your customers.  Use the data in your customer relationship management (CRM) software to create meaningful marketing data, target better prospects, and strengthen customer relationships.  After all, lucky socks don’t find new customers or close sales, you do.

How sales professionals go about finding new opportunities and providing superior customer service is what sets them apart from their peers.  Many businesses are providing their sales team with CRM software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, to add efficiency, insight, and control into the sales cycle.  This comprehensive software solution is easy-to-use and can streamline sales activities, from finding prospects to closing the deal, so your team can spend more time with customers and less time on the paperwork behind the scenes.

Knowing your customers is a powerful start to improving the sales process and Microsoft Dynamic CRM can give you that insight.  This solution will organize detailed sales and other data from your historical and existing accounts.  You can access real-time information about any of your accounts and use this data to spot trends or even gain simple insights into your customers.  Learn which customer, or industry that you serve, buys the most of a certain product or product line and use that information to leverage future sales.  You can offer items similar to the products that existing customers already buy and boost sales.  Learn about replenishment cycles and contact your customer when it may be time for a re-order.  Customers will appreciate this personal insight and high level of customer service.

Knowing what types of businesses you serve will also help you target prospects more effectively.  Instead of blindly marketing to a geographic region, for example, narrow the focus on the types of businesses who are more likely to purchase the products or services that you offer.  Spending more time with interested prospects, than disinterested ones, will result in more quality sales leads, as well as save costs in mass marketing efforts.

Using an integrated CRM solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, will make it easy to use and share business intelligence and sales data with the entire team.  In addition, this solution offers mobility, enabling your team to access data from anywhere on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  The 360-degree view of customers and trending data will make it easier to spot new opportunities and provide unsurpassed customer service.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about turning more leads into sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: http://www.rimrock.com/about-rimrock/contact-us.


By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Ontario (http://www.rimrock.com/)

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