Schools as CRM Users: Constituent Relationship Management

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From public school districts to universities, schools of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on CRM software to manage recruitment, communication, and retention. For these users, CRM stands for Constituent Relationship Management. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the perfect platform for managing information and communication with constituents:

  • Current and prospective students
  • Alumni
  • Faculty, staff, and candidates
  • Donors
  • Administrators
  • Community leaders

With Microsoft CRM, you can manage the information from within Microsoft Office Outlook, so that your staff does not have to learn an entirely new system. Microsoft CRM enables targeted marketing campaigns, and more personalized targeted communications in general to prospective students, donors, alumni, and faculty. For what Dynamics CRM can do for your Marketing team, check out our page here:

Microsoft CRM provides schools with the tools they need for collecting data, then using that data for analysis and reports, and for designing and implementing effective enrollment and fundraising campaigns. It is user-friendly, so reports are easy to quickly generate. CRM data can be used for predictive analysis, enabling schools to predict application, enrollment, and retention rates.

One of the hottest trends in schools' CRM usage right now is cloud-based technology and mobile access, and Microsoft CRM provides that option. With a cloud-based solution, users can access CRM through browser-based applications anytime, anywhere. Recruiters or alumni outreach representatives, for example, can make changes to data immediately, while in the field.

Targeted communication enabled by CRM leads to more personalized contact, which in turn leads to better results in terms of enrollment and fundraising. You can group your communication by subgroups of alumni and prospective students (such as international students, traditional students, night students, online students, etc.).

It is no wonder schools of all sizes are turning to CRM software to save both time and money. Find out how business software solutions can help your school here:

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