Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer and Producer Onboarding for the Insurance Industry

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In past blogs, I have talked about the power of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to deploy XRM solutions for our clients.  What is an XRM solution you ask?  Well if CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management then XRM stands for [Anything] Relationship Management.  What this means is that we can apply all of the great customization and extensibility tools that come with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create a solution that can manage any business data and processes that we want.

At NexusTek, we really love these types of projects because they enable us to deliver high ROI solutions to our customers that are tailored to their unique business requirements.  (Plus they are really fun to work on!)  We recently had the opportunity to apply the XRM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a long-time client of ours in the insurance industry.

Delta Dental of Colorado is the largest dental insurance provider in the state, delivering a customer satisfaction rate of 95%.  Their success is attributable, in part, to the fact that dental insurance is all they do.  Recently they approached us to talk about their initiative to make their customer and producer onboarding processes more efficient.

What we learned is that the Group Administration team was having difficulty in managing the myriad of details and processing steps required by various internal teams to efficiently set up a new dental insurance customer or producer.  Also, due to some fairly complex rules regarding group sizes, plan types, payment methods, etc., new group and producer applications and supporting documents were often incorrectly filled out and/or incomplete.  This resulted in inefficiencies and delays in executing these important processes.

They envisioned a system whereby producers could log on to a secure website and be guided through the process of completing a new electronic customer or producer application.  This website would contain the necessary business logic to interactively capture the correct information and documentation for the specific group and plan.  When submitted, the application would automatically be routed to the correct internal teams to be processed according to the specific steps required.

NexusTek designed and implemented a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Axonom Powertrack to meet these unique requirements.  Producers can now log on to the Powertrack portal and are guided through the group or producer application process in a wizard like fashion.  Based on responses to specific questions, the wizard contains logic to show or hide additional questions as required ensuring the correct data is captured in each unique case.  Supporting documents are also uploaded through the wizard.  When the wizard is completed, the application and supporting documents are automatically passed to Microsoft Dynamics CRM where a workflow is automatically kicked off.  This workflow determines the correct processing steps and automatically creates the correct tasks and assigns them to the correct team members in the correct order to complete processing of the specific application.  The Group Administration team can monitor these tasks across teams to manage workloads, identify bottlenecks, and measure key performance indicators for their onboarding processes.

The implementation of this new system has significantly reduced the amount of time required to input new group and producer applications.  Since the initial data submitted is more complete and accurate, there is also less follow up required, resulting in faster onboarding of new groups and producers.  Less work is required to correctly route the application to the appropriate internal teams, and the Group Administration team now has visibility in to the status of the process across teams resulting in greater efficiencies.

If your organization could benefit from the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to streamline, automate, and improve management of complex business processes or to address any other business objectives you might have, please contact NexusTek by visiting our website, calling us at 303.773.6464, or emailing us at

by: Randy Bristol, Director- Dynamics Solutions

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