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Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( is all about keeping you in touch with your data where you need it, when you need it.  That’s why it is available anytime, anywhere in a number of ways.

Although, Dynamics CRM can be deployed through Microsoft Outlook for direct interoperability between the solutions that maintain and manage all of your critical business contact information and client data, you aren’t limited to accessing Dynamics CRM only in your office.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM web client enables you to access the solution securely online wherever you may be.  This ability to access Dynamics CRM through the web anywhere, anytime recently took another step forward with the recent addition of support for the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.  (Learn more:

Another way to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM anywhere, anytime is through Dynamics CRM Mobile.  Each mobile user can roll out the solution on up to 3 devices and leverage 10 different languages. Each user has administrative tools to personalize their own experience to see the most relevant data on their devices. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile will adopt the native capabilities of the device it is deployed on, meaning that it is optimized for touch and includes capabilities that you are accustomed to on your mobile devices, like auto-calling and one-click access to maps.

You don’t have to wait to get a glimpse of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Now you can see how it works and how you can work with it anywhere, anytime with this full overview demo available on demand.  Complete this form to view the 45 minute video.

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas City

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