It's a Brave New World - The Art of Collaboration

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Collaboration. It’s the new way of working, the latest buzzword in software and the key to improved productivity and efficiency. With the right collaboration tools, your company can experience increased efficiency between team members, vendors and clients. These collaboration tools effectively break down walls, allowing team members to communicate, share documents, build relationships and stay connected regardless of where they are located or what time zone they’re working in.  Let’s take a quick look at the technology tools your business should be looking at:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM:  This powerful tool gives your team the ability to capture and manage all interactions with customers, prospects and leads; creating an excellent forum to track inbound and outbound communications, automate sales activities, and manage your company’s marketing outreach in one location.

SharePoint:  With SharePoint - your team collaborates virtually and seamlessly – working in real time with content that syncs automatically. They can now share documents, better organize workflow processes, streamline project management functions and improve communications.

SkyDrive Pro: Team members can use SkyDrive Pro to automatically sync their files across multiple computers. All documents and important files are available 24/7 from a phone, PC or tablet, and can be shared with others at any time.

Microsoft Lync: This unified communications platform enables team members to stay connected with colleagues and customers through instant messaging, video calls and online meetings in a secure environment, reducing travel costs and downtime.

Yammer: The in-house social network designed for company collaboration.  The goal is to facilitate collaboration and discussions amongst team members, enabling them to be more productive, make smarter decisions and share information more effectively.

Collaboration with technology is today’s Brave New World.  Collaborate. Sync. Share. Communicate. These are the technology tools that will revamp your workflow processes and improve efficiency company-wide.

Interested in how CRM or SharePoint can help your business? Take a look at these two short videos. We think you’ll agree these are must-have tools for your company!

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint.  Tie the two together with SkyDrive Pro, Lync and Yammer and we’ve got you covered! P2 Automation specializes in business workflow, data management and workplace productivity using technology you may already own.  Contact P2 Automation today to improve your workforce productivity.

P2 Automation is a Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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  1. Thank You P2 Automation, Your post is too good. I like SharePoint, It is very useful to all companies. With the use of this technology tools sharing data being too easy. It really improve communication for all employee.

  2. These are really very useful technology tools for any company. These all are very helpful to interact with others. But I want to know that how can we use these technology tools for any company?

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