Governmental Agencies as CRM Users: Citizen Relationship Management

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Last time, we talked about schools turning to CRM software to manage recruitment, communication, and retention. Similarly, governmental agencies of all sizes are turning to CRM software to increase efficiency and productivity and to save tax dollars. For these users, CRM stands for Citizen Relationship Management.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is already in use at governmental agencies all over the world, and as tax dollars get stretched thin these days, more are turning to the solution every day. Microsoft CRM's intuitive interface makes the transition to a new system relatively easy.

In North Carolina, shrinking state revenues led to the implementation of a number of efficiency programs. Enter Microsoft CRM. The North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety has used Dynamics CRM to streamline the processing of alcohol and lottery permit applications. Agents can fill out forms more quickly and easily, and they can do so while inspecting premises out in the field. The time required to process a group of applications has been reduced from 5 days to 1, an 80% increase in productivity. Furthermore, changes in government requirements and mandates are easier to implement now, reducing said implementation from a matter of months to weeks.

The city of Milan in Italy uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its citizen Contact Center. The city receives 2 million calls per year, and Microsoft CRM streamlines call processing and empowers Milan to deliver improved municipal services ( The city can better track service requests and manage peak demand for services, and also save money by efficiently allocating resources and optimizing work hours. Microsoft CRM also enables targeted information campaigns to groups of citizens, and CRM delivers detailed reports so that city administrators are better informed when making decisions.

The Ministry of Justice in Israel uses Microsoft CRM to manage legal case data and processes, and the Medford Council in the United Kingdom uses CRM to more efficiently deliver social care. But nonprofit agencies can benefit from implementation of Microsoft CRM as much as governmental agencies. Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa, with job training as its core mission, has used Microsoft CRM to increase caseload capacity 20% and job placements for clients 38% without adding staff.

So Microsoft CRM can be so much more than customer relationship management for a business with customers. It is a time and money saving data management solution for any organization with constituents.

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