Get Advanced Business Analytics of CRM Data with Power View in Excel

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With the addition of Power View to Microsoft Excel 2013, you can easily perform advanced business analytics of your real time CRM data. Just use the Export to Excel feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to export your CRM data, and you can create a table, data map, bar chart, and more. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has published a detailed step-by-step guide to the process, but it doesn't take a developer to do it, and I'll go over the process in brief here.

To get started, open the list of Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then click "Export to Excel" on the ribbon bar, and you're on your way. Select "Static Worksheet" in the Export Data to Excel dialog box, then click "Export." Click "Open" in the next dialog box, and the file opens in Excel. Save it in an Excel Workbook format.

Select all data values in Excel. On the "Home" tab, select "Format as Table" in the "Styles" section, and then select a table style. Once the table is created, you can use Power View.

From the "Insert" tab, click "Power View." The worksheet Power View1 is added to the Excel workbook.

To create a matrix, select the fields you want under "Power View Fields," then go to the "Design" tab and click "Table" to select your table (in this case, "Matrix"). Under "Drag fields between areas below," configure the text boxes and fields, such as country/region for "Rows" and relationship type for "Columns."

You can create a chart from the same table by clicking "Bar Chart" in the design tab, then selecting the chart style you want. You can also create a Bing map from your data ("Map" on "Design" tab).

Whether working in a cloud-based deployment or on-premises, Power View in Microsoft Excel enables you to easily perform advanced analytics of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data (

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