Time Saving Tip Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook

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Many of the blog posts I see have great tips but are usually pretty technical and not really for the average user. This tip is for the average user and it is going to seem very elementary for any of the more experienced users and techs out there, but if you haven’t done this you will immediately be happy – I know I was.

I have been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a few years now going back to v4 (I know, I know, that’s nothing compared to all you rugged veterans of v3 and older). And I have been using the Outlook client for CRM all along. Anyway, I came across a nice little trick when I was attending a totally separate webinar. The guy had quick links to his Outlook tasks pinned to the top of the Window border. Turns out this area has a name - the Quick Access Toolbar.

I had always had the check email and printer icons there (see below) and never really thought about it. But then I wondered if there were any CRM icons I could drop into place.


I clicked the down triangle and it opened up the customize drop down list. However there was nothing there to really help me.


I tried the More Commands option and still not much help


Until I saw the CRM Tab option in the “Choose commands from” drop down list.


Highlight then click Add for each CRM Entity or new Activity that you would like added to the Quick Access Tool bar and click OK


And there you go.       Those quick links are now in a place instantly accessible. Simply click the icon to open a new Contact record a new Phone Call activity record.


I hope that is helpful!

Jim O’Neill
CRM Account Executive
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