Three Reasons CRM Software Should Be On Your Wish List

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More and more businesses are planning to implement customer relationship management (CRM) software this year according to a recent Gartner survey ( Reasons for using CRM solutions point to the need to find new prospects and generate loyalty with existing customers.  According to Gartner, mobility is another driving factor for CRM spending.

 This survey finding makes sense as companies have struggled to make it through the economic downturn; their focus was on improving efficiency and doing more with less. Whereas now, companies can return that focus to where it needs to be- on their customer base.

 CRM software can do just that and more. In addition to housing all your customer data in one place, it can make your employees better sales, marketing, and customer service powerhouses, bringing your company to the next level. And although that’s a fluffy marketing statement, here are three specific ways CRM can do this:


  1. Sales and marketing have a history of being disconnected, making it difficult to reach the right target audience. With CRM software, marketing can create activities for sales representatives based on what leads do and sales can run reports on marketing activities to see what level of interest their leads are at.
  2. Sales can create a custom dashboard view that tells them where they are  in terms of reaching their quota and what can be done in order to reach that quota in time. Short of being their own assistant, CRM software gives sales the tools to close deals faster while creating loyal customers.
  3. If a customer calls in with questions about their services or orders, customer service representatives can pull all-up information with one click of the mouse so that questions can be answered on the spot and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


If CRM software is already on your wish list this year for your business, learn more by checking out Microsoft Dynamics® CRM information and downloads on our site ( We also have a CRM quick quote tool that can estimate the cost you may be looking at. You never know- your ‘wish list’ could quickly turn into your reality! If you need help along the way, never hesitate to contact us at Sherwood Systems.

 By Sherwood Systems, Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner (

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