Resellers Choose Microsoft CRM - Why You Should Care

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When the 16,000 votes from over 500 resellers were counted, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was revealed to be the favorite CRM software solution in Canada, winning the eChannelNEWS’ Reseller Choice Award.  Why should this matter to you if you are looking for a CRM solution?

Well, because resellers are CRM users ourselves.  Software resellers, regardless of the products or solutions they are selling, have done their due diligence, researched their options, and learned as much as they can about the CRM systems available to help them manage customer relationships, sales processes, and marketing efforts.  The fact that the majority of these organizations agree that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best solution available is a testament to its capabilities.

In addition to its many merits as a stand-alone product, Dynamics CRM gains strength and advantages from the other Microsoft solutions it works like and with.  Microsoft also won Reseller Choice Awards for best operating system, best cloud application, best database, best productivity software, best messaging/collaboration and best utility software – all of which can have a direct impact on Dynamics CRM.  The combined strength of the Microsoft “stack” provides a solid foundation on which Dynamics CRM stands strong as a versatile, flexible, easy to use, easy to integrate, intelligent, and industry leading CRM solution.

Despite the fact that we resell multiple CRM solutions from multiple vendors here at Socius, we opted to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM internally because of the way that it integrates with our other business solutions, the visibility it provides into our data, the ease with which our users could learn to use it and share information through it, and the strength of its reporting capabilities.

To see for yourself what makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM the top choice for resellers and organizations of all sizes, try it free for 30-days! Click here to start your trial.

By Socius, CRM Software Partner in Ohio and Kansas

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