Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online Combine to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

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Office 365 is Microsoft’s new cloud-based Office suite that has taken the business world by storm. Its success can be attributed to one key factor: It allows anyone in your organization to work from anywhere and from any device while still having the familiarity and functionality of the traditional Microsoft Office suite.

Another reason that Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular among business users: seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. When you receive an e-mail in your inbox, whether it’s from a current client, prospect, or lead, you simply hit the “track in CRM” button located in your Microsoft Office tool bar to send the information contained in the email to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  You can click the “create an opportunity” button, also located in the tool bar, and simply and easily create an opportunity for the client, prospect, or lead using the information from the e-mail. All of this can be done right inside of Microsoft Outlook without ever having to open or log-in to Dynamics CRM Online. Even more impressive is this information will be synced to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from any device, meaning if you receive an email from your phone or tablet you can follow the same steps mentioned above and the information will still be updated in your CRM system.

Businesses are finding that the simplicity of the Office 365 and Dynamics CRM combination is making it easier for employees to use CRM throughout their organization. Training time is minimal and user-adoption is high because the systems are so similar and use the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel. Information entered into the CRM system is more accurate since updates are as simple as clicking a button on an Outlook toolbar.

Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online work together seamlessly across devices, maximizing user adoption and eliminating costly integration headaches. For more information about Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, please contact NexusTek at 303.773.6464, visit us online at, or email us at

By: Rachel Geib, Marketing Specialist,, Nexus Tek

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