Convergence 2013 Booth Illusion

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While I was in college, I got a job at a local grocery store. It was a small scale store where everyone was trained to do all of the necessary tasks from stocking shelves and bagging groceries to customer check out. It was at that time I realized that while I was generally good at math, I stunk at visual-spatial problem-solving! I learned to bag back in the days when paper bags were the norm, long before the practice of putting no more than 3 items in a plastic bag that seems to be the custom now. It was an incredibly humbling experience to learn from trial and error how to pack a grocery bag both efficiently and safely.

 I share this with you because it increases my appreciation of our extraordinary Convergence booth designer, Mr. Mark Rockwell. Among Mark’s many talents are his adept visual-spatial skills; those coupled with his drive for cost savings and efficient use of space really put him to the test when he began planning to create a bar for our Convergence booth last year. Mark designed the layout and then had a local cabinet shop make the components. He also designed the crate, so that everything fits perfectly inside and can be shipped safely. While it looks fine enough to have in your home, the bar is an illusion of wood, camlocks, and Velcro! I hope you will stop by to see us this year in this booth #1851 at Convergence in New Orleans!


Working backwards, here is the booth at Convergence when all the hard work has been done:

Convergence 1


Here is Mark measuring for the most efficient use of space:

Convergence 2

Here is how everything gets stacked inside the crate, as well as the map for reference on how to pack it:

Convergence 3

Here is the booth when it gets shipped to and from the tradeshow:

Convergence 4

Written By Kelli Sexton, CEO of Rockton Software

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