Your Customers Are Empowered, Are You?

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Now more than ever, new customers are coming to you knowing a good deal about your organization and capabilities.  This knowledge gives them the power to set their own expectations for you and how you will interact with them.  The best way to exceed these expectations is to empower yourself and your employees with knowledge of the prospective customer before you engage with them and visibility into all interactions with the customer.

In a recent article for, Microsoft Dynamics’ Seth Patton discusses using a CRM software solution to manage not only existing customer relationships but future customer relationships.  By thinking in terms of managing and nurturing your future customer relationships, rather than just managing a sales process, you are setting the stage for a successful, ongoing customer relationship that continues to provide value to your organization.

Here are some ways that CRM software can empower you to nurture future customer relationships:

  • CRM brings together relevant information so that separate teams can share knowledge about cases, customers or scenarios beyond what is stored in a particular record.
  • CRM can give your prospect or customer facing teams visibility into “tribal” or anecdotal knowledge about a prospect or customer so that they are able to propose solutions to fit each situation.
  • CRM can leverage solutions that automatically combine systems data with information from social profiles and third-party data services to provide you with real insight into your prospects as individuals.
  • CRM solutions provide rich analysis tools and business intelligence (BI) capabilities which enable you to cut across customers, segments, industries, or geographies to identify trends and anticipate need.

Since a pleasant sales experience is a key indicator of long-term customer loyalty, it is vital that your sales people be empowered to create a positive experience for your prospective customers.  To learn more about how a CRM software solution can give your team the power and visibility to exceed your prospects expectations, click here to request a complimentary Business Strategy Assessment.

Source:, January 8, 2013

By Socius, a CRM Software Partner in Ohio and Kansas

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