What the Dynamics/Marketing Pilot Marriage Means for the Future

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. When Microsoft first announced the acquisition of Marketing Pilot, some were picturing a mere expansion of the marketing capabilities provided by current CRM solutions. But Microsoft has instead stated an interest in “integrated marketing management,” and the future of Dynamics could be very interesting indeed.

Marketing Pilot is evidence of the increasingly blurred lines between technology, marketing, and customer service. Their tools put a focus on:

-        Social marketing

-        Multichannel campaigns

-        Digital behavior analysis

-        Marketing resource management

-        Brand management

-        Media planning

Microsoft will be taking marketing in a more data-driven direction, and taking advantage of the wealth of information available on intranets and the internet. We will soon see CRM branching out into MRM, Marketing Resource Management.

Microsoft expects to use these capabilities to create synergistic marketing campaigns. They will create software that not only analyzes opportunities and results, but also measures how marketing groups impact each other in order to develop workflows.

While Microsoft representatives have said that these are things Dynamics can already do quite well, the addition of Marketing Pilot capabilities will further automate the process and target issues more effectively.

Industry analysts are especially interested in seeing how things like A-B split tests and test and offer matrices will be incorporated into a project management paradigm.  Microsoft hopes to successfully incorporate sophisticated concepts like this into the “consumerization of enterprise” that they expect to see in the coming years.

Source: MS Dynamics World

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