Use Connections to Build Deeper Insights into Accounts and Contacts

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Have you ever noticed how people and companies are often interconnected in multiple ways?  In other words, contacts in your CRM are probably connected to other contacts and companies in not-so-obvious ways.  An employee with one company can also be a former employee at another company.  And one company can be a customer of another.


The Connections feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allows users to identify these associations and build greater insights into their networks.  Dynamics CRM has a wide variety of off-the-shelf connection types depending on the type of entity.  For instance, there are contact-to-account connections including Employee, Former Employee, Influencer and Referral.  For contact-to-contact connections, there are other options such as Friend, Spouse, Parent and Child.  Users can also create custom relationships.  For example, we frequently work with consultants and strategic partners who have relationships with multiple accounts.  So, we created a new connection type called "Consultant".


Real connections still matter in business, and documenting these relationships between various contacts and accounts can be very helpful for management and sales teams.  When interacting with clients and prospects, it’s important to know when you have shared contacts or have history with the same company.  If you are not using the feature now, we encourage you to start thinking about it and formalize these linkages as you work with your records and connections become apparent.  You never know when it will pay off!


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