Update Alert! CRM Online changes from Microsoft

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In December, Microsoft started to release an on-line update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This roll out will happen automatically, but you must choose in CRM to accept the new changes. Each client will vary on whether they should accept this new CRM Update Rollup 12. Clients that are heavily customized should not accept this Rollup, without a review of how it could change your current CRM.

This Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 resolves a number of updates and hot fixes. It also introduces additional browser compatibility for FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

There are also a number of considerations that you must make prior to accepting this Rollup. For example, some functionality was removed around specific entity’s that could affect java scripting on a form. So, if your CRM is heavily customized, we recommend that do not upgrade until it can be validated that the Rollup will not affect your current customizations. The amount of effort to validate this will vary from client to client, but OTT would be happy to assist you.

OTT, Inc., is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and member of Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club for 2012 and Accounting Today’s Top Var 100 list for 2012.

By Chevy Midas, Technology Services Leader with OTT, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota. Leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM partner.

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