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If you haven’t checked out the new features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update User Interface – you need to – NOW!  Gone are the headaches of having to work with multiple grids and open window panes.  No need to worry about frantically searching for customer information while they’re talking to you on the phone, or asking your customer to repeat themselves over and over again because you’re too busy searching for their data.  That defeats the purpose of customer service – right?

The new Case form offers new productivity features to help you take your customer service to a whole new level, while also ratcheting down the stress level of your team. Why? Because now your team will have all the information they need to successfully handle Cases in a single window.  Other features include:

  • Process Control: The new look-up functionality immediately identifies customers and issues, stages and steps, to keep the Case resolution process on track.
  • Tab Control:  Allows you to instantly access comprehensive data on all posts, activities and notes so users can quickly familiarize themselves with the Customer Case.
  • Skype Integration: You can now easily create outbound calls from directly within the Case file. Even better, it automatically captures all the information from your call and populates customer information in Tab Control.
  • Customer Pane Control: Brings in pertinent customer data, recent Cases and related customer data. This allows the user to quickly look up similar Cases without ever having to leave the Case file.
  • Research Center: Gives users the tools to quickly search for other Case records that can be used as a solution reference to the related Case.

Check out this video from Microsoft to learn more about the new Service User Experience offered in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update User Interface, and stay tuned for future videos from P2 Automation.

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