Microsoft Dynamics CRM UR12 Java Script Error Quick Fix

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Were you just upgraded to the latest Dynamics CRM rollup 12 and now are having JavaScript errors? This is affecting many of our customers today because of the major changes made to the screens. There is a short-term quick fix that we wanted to share with readers that you can apply to your system. For the long-term, you will need to have your Microsoft partner or internal CRM developer make the JavaScript changes to fix this issue.

Why you are getting the errors? The most recent update to CRM 2011 (Rollup 12) supports additional browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) by generating HTML 5 that supports W3C standards. This requires removing dependencies on HTML components (HTC) that are specific to Internet Explorer.

If you have JavaScript code that uses the old crmForm API, or any unsupported internal methods that interact with form objects that used HTC components, you must enable HTC support in CRM Forms.

For all Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations, the default value for HTC support is ‘off’. If you have an existing script that requires HTC support or if you install a new solution that depends on HTC support you must change this setting to ‘on’.

For all on-premise CRM deployments, the default value for HTC support is ‘on’. If you have no scripts that depend on HTC support, you can change this setting to ‘off’ and enjoy better performance when using Internet Explorer.

To enable ‘HTC support in CRM Forms’, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Settings > Administration > System Settings
2. After opening System Settings, click the Customization tab
3. Find the section called HTML component support
4. Select the option Include HTC support in Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms
5. Click OK


Give this a try! If you are still having issues or need help with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact the CRM team at Affiliated as we’d be happy to assist.

By Bill Owens, Affiliated, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, Implementation and Integration Specialists, Ohio


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