Losing Track of Customer Issues? We’re on the Case.

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Driving to work today, you remember that you have to contact your customer, Mike.  You arrive at your desk and frantically look through all of your papers for the notes you took the last time you spoke to Mike.  As you shuffle through your papers, you become more and more agitated because you just know you had these notes here SOMEWHERE!  The clock is ticking and you need to make that phone call – but what were you supposed to do for Mike?

This is exactly why you need a Case Management process built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM gives you a simple Dashboard to manage customer issues, and the ability to create and assign the necessary tasks that must be completed for each Case.  Microsoft CRM makes it easy to:

  • Manage all Cases on a single Dashboard
  • Enter new Cases quickly
  • Create tasks for each Case and assign each to the members of your team
  • Track steps and resolution of cases
  • Building a Knowledge Base that your team can use the next time this issue comes up

Check out this short video to learn more about Entering a Basic Case with Microsoft CRM, and stay tuned for upcoming videos to learn about how you can use Microsoft CRM to stay on top of your customer issues.

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