Governments are More Tech-Savvy and Service-Oriented than Ever

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 The service ecosystem in government is changing. Governments are becoming more tech-savvy and are more interested in having a consumer-friendly approach to dealing with constituents. Many of the routine tasks, (such as applying for permits), that used to involve long lines and complicated forms will now take place online in an environment that is very similar to the online stores you may already be accustomed to using for shopping.


As the expectations have changed in business and retail, so too they are changing in government. Consumers expect on-demand products and online services from commercial industries, and they are coming to expect the same from governments. Even employees expect more from technology within government than they have in the past. People do not accept having to wait in line anymore for basic services, or writing letters to call attention to public issues, and many governments have answered with better technology to get the job done more efficiently.


Another key factor in this change is the birth and spread of smart devices, mobile phones and tablets that allow people to access information on the go. People expect the same or similar user experience across multiple devices. If they can access a government service on their computers, they expect to be able to easily do it on their phones as well. Governments are under increasing pressure to offer flexible services that function equally well across multiple platforms.


The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to take their citizen services to the next level with a modernized citizen services platform (CSP), powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  With an integrated online system, customers can search and access requests and complaints for services, and government workers can generate notifications, create work orders, and dispatch responders. They also have access to a complete reporting system from mobile devices.


This is just one of many examples of government organizations that have harnessed the power of Microsoft Dynamics products to modernize their government services and offer more consumer-centric interfaces for consumer interaction.


Source: Not Your Father's Government, by Joel Cherkis


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