Extending CRM – The Best Strategy to Manage Your Business Relationships

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Have you ever imagined if your customer relationship management software could not only manage customers but also other relationships across your business units? What if your CRM system could be tailored to suit your specific business at a price equal to a packaged software or if your CRM could be customized without the help of expert programmer?

These scenarios are becoming a reality with Dynamics CRM 2011 and its extending xRM application framework that can be used to manage any relationship across the organization and automate any business process. xRM application extension is a strategy to extend the functionality of CRM to manage any team/department, and relationship. The “x,” is a variable that literally means “anything.” So, xRM is “anything relationship management,” whether that’s supplier management, vendor management, reseller management, fleet management or whatever “x” management that best suits your business.

Here’s how xRM helps in managing different branches of business:

  • One platform, Many Applications! An XRM Solutions provides more flexibility and customization to match up with the various businesses & organizational needs & deeds:
    1. Employee Management
    2. Vendor Management
    3. Project Management
    4. Animal Management
    5. Prospect Management
    6. Environmental Legislation Management
    7. Grant Management and so on.
  • CRM is used by the sales, marketing and customer service person whereas xRM can be easily used by “anyone” in your organization.
  • While CRM is used to manage customer relationships, XRM can be used to manage any relationships and streamline any business process.
  • An xRM does everything that a CRM does: tracks interactions, activities or tasks for anything.
  • xRM sharpens the competitive edge. Companies or organizations that act in response to the market changes and pressures easily gain a competitive edge.
  • Project Managers are too leveraging from the benefits of Microsoft xRM with its various features that help them to create, track and store all the documents and contracts related to their jobs.
  • Ease of configuring application through visual user interface, which help even non-technical resources to create and configure applications on the go.
  • xRM supports agile application development process. One of the major things to consider is that the end users will be able to work with more functional applications, and will be able to deliver quality feedback at the very beginning of the design phase
  • XRM applications need very less effort to any application by utilizing various native features like workflows, reporting, user interfaces, security, web services and office integration

With these functions, it is clear that xRM is the best strategy to manage all the aspects of business. It empowers organizations to grow and succeed by streamlining processes, improving productivity and thereby squeeze more profit.

by: Cygnet Infotech - expert in providing Dynamics CRM Services such as implementation, migration, integration and support. We also assist businesses in customizing and extending their CRM by implementing xRM strategy to suit their business needs.

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