Data Migration and Integration Paramount to Successful CRM Deployment

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One of the primary goals of a well-designed and implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deployment is for an organization to better understand and serve their clients’ needs resulting in increased loyalty and business development. To meet this goal, accurate, timely and pertinent information is crucial. One of the most critical aspects of a CRM implementation is data migration and integration. A significant amount of time and effort should be expected around these components in the design, development and deployment stages of the project. It’s time and money well spent.

According to The State of Customer Data Integration 2012 report, “Top benefits include better visibility into sales pipelines and better information about their customers. More importantly, companies that integrate their customer data see increased adoption and satisfaction with their CRM system. Investments in customer data integration, therefore, lead to wide-ranging enterprise gains that include better return on CRM system investments.”

As CRM consultants, we are accustomed to working with data in various formats and housed in various platforms and systems. As you would expect, this introduces complexities into each project’s data migration and integration requirements. One tool we have utilized extensively to mitigate these complexities is Scribe. Scribe is a data integration and migration solution designed to handle the various formats and requirements.

Last year, Scribe reached out to business leaders, partners and end users from around the globe to get their perspective on what it takes to build a connected enterprise, one that is fully equipped to service their customers. Nearly 300 technical professionals and business leaders responded and revealed that using third-party vendors and consultants to manage their data migration and integration process resulted in more benefits, less risk, and greater cost savings than tackling integration projects without an outside partner. The report is packed with insightful statistics and trends. Participate in the 2013 survey and you could win a new iPad mini or Microsoft surface.

If you are migrating from an existing legacy system, you likely have valuable information that needs to be transferred to CRM. Whether your existing platform is a grass-roots proprietary system or an enterprise standard system, Scribe provides the means to effectively and efficiently migrate your critical information. Scribe does this by providing various application and activity adapters as well as integration templates.

Migration examples include:

  • Legacy CRM Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting Systems
  • Manufacturing Systems

Scribe is also very effective in updating and transferring data between systems on an ongoing basis. This can be completed on-demand or via a scheduler through Scribes console resulting in near real-time results. This includes updating critical data that results in value-added interactions between a company representative and their client.

Integration examples include:

  • ERP Systems
  • Accounting packages
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Web services

Scribe functions are configured through a straightforward, easy to use workbench.  Within the workbench the administrator is able to quickly and easily map source data to the target data. Basic needs can be met with standard mapping. More complex requirements can be addressed with the use of more involved formulas.

Scribe is just one of the many tools that Ledgeview Partners utilizes to address critical aspects of a CRM implementation such as data migration and integration. In fact, one of the primary advantages of using Microsoft CRM as a platform is its integration with Outlook and Sharepoint. This allows for data from various functions (sales, marketing, service, accounting, etc.) to be accessible in one place. Employees don’t have to access multiple programs to gather information which saves time, eliminates errors, and provides a 360 degree view of a customer.

When engaging a professional services firm, be certain that they are knowledgeable about third party tools like Scribe and how they can enhance CRM functionality and exceed your organization’s goals and objectives. If this is something we can help you with, feel free to contact us.

Rob Czypinski, CRM Application Consultant

Pete Hoffman, CRM Development Consultant

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