CRM Software Blog Approves of 99 Ways To Get More From Your CRM in 2013

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As you learned from crmsoftwareblog’s own whitepaper:  24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do way more than organizing basic customer information.  In fact, Richard Boardman, an independent CRM consultant writing at  has come up with a list of “99 ways to get more from your CRM in 2013.” It’s a fascinating list with many tips you might not have thought of.

Here are the first 50 tips:

  1. Integrate with your finance system
  2. Improve data management processes
  3. Strip out unwanted customizations
  4. Add users
  5. Review mail-merge templates
  6. Capture social profiles
  7. Analyze usage patterns
  8. Manage quotations
  9. Do you have the latest version?
  10. Training
  11. Start to track customer profitability
  12. Review your reports
  13. Gamify
  14. Have you got the 360 degree view?
  15. Share of purse
  16. Tracking time spent
  17. Change management control
  18. Provide ready access to sales collateral
  19. Discount management 
  20. Social listening 
  21. Integrate with postcode software
  22. Configuring dashboards
  23. Remove duplicates 
  24. Assess your implementation partner 
  25. Closed loop lead management
  26.  Go mobile
  27.  Analytics
  28.  Track entertaining
  29.  Telephony integration
  30.  Internal collaboration
  31.  Managing pre-sales resources
  32.  Check your data hygiene processes are understood
  33.  Review how you support your processes in the system
  34.  Track customer products
  35.  Track competitor products
  36.  Do you have a trained administrator?
  37.  Bring customer support into the system
  38.  Provide offline access
  39.  Use marketing automation tools
  40.  Clean your data
  41. Complaint tracking
  42. Internal lead capture
  43. Make opt-outs more granular
  44. Get data entry assistance
  45. Get feedback
  46. Review data capture .
  47. Fill the gaps in your data
  48. Segment your customer base
  49. Are you paying too much for support?
  50. Order management and fulfillment


To read the details and see the rest of the 99 tips, visit:

By crmsoftwareblog editors, Find a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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  1. #2 is a big one. Data management is critical and not just in 2013, but all the time. Like they say, garbage in, garbage out. Good list.

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