Can Microsoft Dynamics CRM Help You Know Your Customer Before the Sale?

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The title of this article sounds like common sense. You have to know your customer to even begin a sale. But how much do you really know about the customer? Technology, particularly the Internet, gives customers the power to know just about everything about a business before they choose to shop for its goods or services. In order to even the playing field, your business must know just as much about the customer. An article by Seth Patton on gives more insight.

The empowered customers expect more from businesses than ever before. They expect you to know their likes, dislikes, purchase history, and any problems they have experienced in the past. Having their names and contact information will no longer cut it. Fortunately, CRM innovators like Microsoft have stepped up to the challenge and are now offering next-generation CRM technology that helps you gather the customer knowledge you need to keep them satisfied.

Since CRM is all about customer relationships, it is important to know how customers relate to each other. Increasingly, that takes place through online communication such as social media and Skype. Tools like InsideView, which can work in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides sales intelligence from over 25,000 sources, giving your sales reps the data they need on their computers and on the go.

Using Yammer (, a private social network provided by Microsoft, your company's associates can keep each other informed of customer intelligence no matter where they are. The flow of information is instant and seamless, integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for an unparalleled level of collaboration. With Skype ( ), also provided by Microsoft, interaction can be crystal clear and live using voice and/or video.

Connecting with your customers and staying informed about them does not have to be difficult. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the host of tools and add-ons available for it, you can be the empowered business ready to face the challenge of satisfying the empowered customer.


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