Affiliated Helps Leading Safety Products Distributor Reduce Outstanding Receivables, Increase Productivity by 50% and Improve Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Are you considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online but wondering if it really lives up to all the rave reviews? If so, consider the following case study of US SafetyGear, an Ohio-based leading distributor of safety products. Here’s a quick snapshot of how Affiliated helped the company by deploying  Dynamics CRM Online integrated with the company’s Account Receivables (AR) system, increasing cash flow and staff productivity, as well as improving sales effectiveness and customer service capabilities.

US SafetyGear, a leading distributor of occupational safety products, including safety glasses, work gloves, safety shoes, work boots, rainwear, earmuffs, earplugs, and a growing line of more than 35,000 products, wanted to implement an automated sales force and accounts receivables notification system, with the goal of improving collections, staff productivity and enriching customer service interactions.

Affiliated’s CRM team deployed a tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution integrated with their MAS 500 ERP application. Affiliated customized the solution by writing key applications, including an automated Accounts Receivable (AR) notification system linking CRM, ERP, and Microsoft Exchange.

The new CRM solution also centralized data, from inventory availability to account information, in real time. Affiliated developed a sophisticated quote-entry system where salespeople can now use tablets to enter quotes, access inventory data, initiate shipping dates, and get accurate pricing — all from the field.

From an operations perspective, US SafetyGear has reduced outstanding receivables by 13 percent, adding a cash influx of $150,000-200,000 to the business in the first 90 days of implementation and reduced man-hours on collections by nearly 50 percent. From a sales and customer service standpoint, the company now has centralized account information and automated account ordering capabilities which has greatly improved customer service and overall response times.

Read more about US SafetyGear success with CRM or contact the Dynamics CRM implementation and integration specialists at Affiliated for more details.

By Mike Moran, Affiliated, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner and CRM Integrator, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio

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