Use Microsoft CRM to Handle Expenses

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Are you struggling with how to better handle employee expenses?  Microsoft CRM can provide an excellent way to do this.

The challenge: Employees incur expenses which need to be documented, reviewed and possibly reimbursed. In a lot of businesses this is a difficult process to manage. Paper based expense reports are not very efficient and do not give you the ability to easily track expenses back to customers or even service activities.

Using Microsoft CRM you can give users a place to enter expense information (meals, mileage, lodging etc). They can even use a small scanner to scan the receipts into the system and attach them to the expense request. They choose what to log these expenses against (a customer, prospect or even a service case).


After the user enters the expense information the system can run an approval process to alert someone to review and approve/deny the expense. If it is approved the system can send it along to payables or if they deny it the system can alert the user of the denial and ask them for additional information.


This will give you a better overall process for managing expenses and give you the ability to analyze expenses by customer, by employee etc.


Contact Beringer to learn more about how Microsoft CRM can improve your expense related processes.

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