Time and Billing Software is Easy to Set Up and Deploy

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Axonom Simplifies Powertrak Time and Billing's Deployment and Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers

Time Entry Software


New Wizard-based deployment automates industry best practices, decreases implementation costs and speeds time to value.

In a recent news release, Axonom unveiled new enhancement features to its web and cloud-based Time and Billing software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.

The most notable feature is its new Quick-Start Setup Wizard. This new Setup Wizard simplifies the walk-through process of configuring Powertrak Time and Billing and enables rapid deployment.

When completed, users will have been prompted for all codes, types and configuration settings necessary to run the module. Information gathered from the wizard generates a producer forecast complete with fiscal year calendar and territory tree.

Rapid Deployment

A Nashville based health care information technology organization selected Powertrak Time and Billing to automate its professional services time and expense management processes. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online already in place, iPractice Group began using the cloud-based Time Entry and Expense Entry software in rapid time.

"We were able to implement and start using Powertrak Time and Billing in less than one day, driving down our costs while simultaneously meeting our complex requirements. Axonom’s cloud-based offering, wizard-based setup and quick-start implementation services enabled our rapid deployment." - Jason Morgan, COO at iPractice Group

About Powertrak Time and Billing

Designed for high-tech, professional services and IT organizations, Powertrak Time and Billing enables Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to enter, manage, track, and organize billable and non-billable time and expenses, anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-accessible mobile device.

Recorded Demonstration

Keep Your Services Team Billable and Maximize ROI. Interested parties are requested to view the Time and Billing demonstration to see how billing managers now have the necessary tools to make real-time business decisions by viewing performance metrics (by project and/or staff member) with utilization and realization reports, project comparison charts, and project review dashboard.

By Axonom, Global ISV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

5 thoughts on “Time and Billing Software is Easy to Set Up and Deploy”

  1. I don't know... from the looks of it, this doesn't appear to be as easy as you suggest. The UI alone looks like it requires a 30 minute required training session on top of learning how to use the system and set it up.

    1. Brad,
      Thank you for your response. No question that there is some training and possibly customization involved, as it depends on the complexity of your requirements. But the new Setup Wizard helps guide customers step-by-step through the setup process thus simplifying it.

      Compared to some other robust Time and Expense products on the market, I do believe our solution is easy to setup.

      The point of this post is to share how we've simplified and shortened the time it takes to begin using Powertrak Time and Billing software.

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