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And what does that tell us about the trends in the Microsoft CRM community?

2012 was another great year for the award-winning Customer Effective Blog. We had 184 blog posts and over 300,000 unique page views.  Readers on average spent over 3 1/2 minutes on each page; which seems to imply we are offering something of value to someone.  There is no ‘typical’ CRM topic on our blog. All of our team members are encouraged to share the experiences and customer challenges they encounter every day.

Below is a list we compiled of our top blog posts from 2012.  What does this list teach us?  First of all, the CRM community is using this blog as a technical resource.  We found that the majority of our page views come from external searches of technical topics.  In the Business Solutions category, Mobile CRM is popular, but we also found that comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with was also a hot topic.  The most popular Microsoft CRM topics were around the new features rolling out with Polaris and UR12.

Top 5 Business Solutions Posts

  1. Options for Accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 May 25, by Mark Weilandt
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Customization Comparison Nov. 26, by Leah Quartano
  3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Integration Comparison Dec. 4, Leah Quartano
  4. Dynamics CRM in the Contact Center - Keeping Multiple Source System Data in Sync Aug. 3, by Denise Henke
  5. Creating a Market Monitor Dashboard for Financial Services April 4, by Brad Koontz

Top 5 CRM Technical and User Posts

  1. Outlook 2010: Synchronization logs in Unread Messages folder Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Feb. 23, by Joel Lindstrom
  2.  Managing Access to Activate/Deactivate Ribbon Buttons in Microsoft CRM 2011 May 10, by Scott Sewell
  3. CRM 2011–JavaScript Events June 19, By Paul Way
  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Standalone Sandbox Using VirtualBox January 18, By Manny Ed
  5. Track in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Set Regarding? January 12, by James Diamond

Top 5 Microsoft CRM News Posts

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility May 9, by Scott Sewell
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Roadmap Update October 4, by Brad Koontz
  3. Top of the Wave; Microsoft Dynamics CRM Ranked as a Leader in Three Different 2012 Forrester CRM Reports July 19, by Brad Koontz
  4. Big News in Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 Update: Mobile iOS and Android Versions, Cross-browser Support, Social Upgrades Feb. 6 by Brad Koontz
  5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analysts Round-Up Aug. 21, by Brad Koontz
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