Streamlining the Sales Team Processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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A thriving and very active employment resource firm was experiencing some major obstacles and issues regarding their existing customer relationship software.  Having been on for almost seven years, it was clearly evident they needed a more user-friendly CRM program. This company turned to The TM Group because of our sterling reputation for our results-driven expertise in the configuration and implementation of the best and most robust platform available, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The team at this employment group needed a system that would integrate perfectly and seamlessly with the program their sales team lived in all day, Microsoft Outlook. The Microsoft Dynamics for Outlook Client makes their employees more productive. All of their activities including phone calls, face-to-face appointments and other ongoing daily, weekly and monthly tasks are synced directly Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered them the capabilities to both track current clients and assist with the marketing efforts of generating new business with prospects.  For example, reminders were configured to generate follow-up activities for prospects based on their last activity dates.  This enables better nurturing of both leads and clients.

Another high priority feature that was required for this client was the sales and marketing analytical dashboards that CRM offers. Dashboards were configured so management can easily monitor their pipeline, top deals, top customers, and how many positions the opportunities represent.

The overall implementation was configured so the entire team would easily adopt the program and use the software to the fullest potential. Training was provided so everyone could feel confident and comfortable using this exciting Dynamics CRM platform.  The two most important features that were successfully delivered included tailoring the opportunity pipeline to their sales stages and using MS Outlook client to streamline their sales and business activities.

This project is a work in progress, as the company continues rolling out projects and more features in phases, therefore becoming much more automated in order to better drive their business processes.   The TM Group would be pleased to assist your company achieve fantastic results while maximizing your sales metrics and reporting results with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Please call us at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at For more information, email today.

 Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski, Marketing Manager - TM Group

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