Save Time with Custom Entry Forms Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Accurate fiscal management is very important for non-profit organizations and internal controls are needed to maintain this accuracy.  Data validation forms are time-consuming and difficult to customize without creating new ones from scratch. Recently, a large non-profit client dealing with this issue requested data validation that could be re-purposed.  Microsoft CRM along with Java Script provides a way to write the code one time and use it over and over again. This way, instead of creating a new data validation form each time, which can take over 30 minutes, you use the code and update it quickly.

The entity and attribute validation in Microsoft CRM can gain customer support and adoption using Java Script. Consider creating a library of functions that pass basic parameters to functions for validations such as phone number, capitalization, email and web site. Asking your CRM consultant to spend a few minutes on this reusable code greatly enhances the user experience. Making tabs and sections visible or invisible based on an option set can reduce the length of a form and allow the user to focus on the sections that pertain to their task and create a custom entry form. Use Visual Studio to check for matching parenthesis and brackets and use the IDE for syntax checking.

For questions on this tip and more information please contact InterDyn AKA.

By Alan Coopersmith, Senior Application Consultant with InterDyn AKA, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in New York City.

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