New Reporting Expressions in SQL Server 2008 R2 / Microsoft CRM - Tutorial

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SSRS 2008 R2 (SQL Server Reporting Services) includes some new expressions which allow us to bring into one table values from another dataset based on the table’s current dataset fields. In other words, Lookup <fieldname> from <dataset2> where <fieldname><dataset1> = <fieldname><dataset2>.

The LookUp function is based on a 1 to 1 relationship, bringing in one value based on the match.

The LookUpSet function is based on a 1 to many relationship, pulling in multiple values based on the match.


Here are some examples:

We have a dataset (AccountInfo) retrieving Account information.

We have a second dataset (AccountTotalSales) using a SUM aggregate grouped on AccountID pulling in Total Sales for each Account.

In our Table, we can now use the LookUp function in a Textbox Expression.

=LookUp(Fields!accountid.Value,Fields!accountid.Value,Fields!TotalSales.Value, "AccountTotalSales ")

The first field (Fields!accountid.Value ) in the expression is from the current dataset used by the table (Source Data).

The second field (Fields!accountid.Value ) is from the second dataset (Destination Data). The first field is looking for a match to this field.

The third field (Fields!TotalSales.Value ) is the value we are trying to return from the second dataset and place in the current table.

The last value in the expression is the Scope -- the name of the second Dataset ("AccountTotalSales ") we are trying to retrieve data from.



If you want to bring back multiple values from the second dataset, you would use:

=LookUpSet(Fields!accountid.Value,Fields!customerid.Value,Fields!name.Value, "AccountOpportunities ")

Here we are trying to list all of the Opportunities related to the Account in our first dataset.




But wait, we are now getting an Error. Since LookUpSet brings back a collection, we cannot simply display it in a textbox. We need to concatenate the results. This can be accomplished using the Join function.

=Join(LookUpSet(Fields!accountid.Value,Fields!accountid.Value,Fields!name.Value, "AccountOpportunities "),"," + vbcrlf)




We have returned all Opportunities associated to the Account, concatenating them with a comma and line break when multiple opportunity names are returned.


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