Improve Client Relations with Case Management Strategies and your CRM Dashboard

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What is Case Management and why do I need it?  Case Management refers to any type of project, transaction, service or client problem that has a beginning, an end, and some type of resolution. The key factors include the critical need for multiple people to access the same data, to track and capture all client interaction, and to have the ability to access all information at any time in a timely manner.  Using Case Management strategies ensures that your entire team will have the ability to respond promptly to ensure client satisfaction.

In today’s world – clients can communicate with your company in multiple ways - phone, email, the web, or even snail mail. The Case Management Dashboard provides a system that empowers your team to capture all pertinent data, communications and transactions per client in one place.

What does the Case Management Process look like?

  • Customized fields set up to capture key client information as designated by your company.
  • Ability to pull data and content from multiple external sources.
  • Ability to assign tasks to key employees.
  • An automated follow-up process to ensure customer satisfaction.

At P2 Automation – we’ve put together this simple video called Tracking Customer Cases on your CRM Dashboard. In this video, we’ll show you how we display active customer issues on our main Dashboard screen, and how we can view additional cases with the click of a mouse.  We’ll also show you how we can assign ownership of the issue to another employee or team.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a simple and powerful tool that we use at P2 Automation on a daily basis to track our inbound and outbound communications, automate sales activities, and to manage our marketing and case management process. In simple terms, Microsoft CRM empowers organizations to manage the entire relationship cycle – from lead, to prospect, to client, and eventually to ongoing client management.

P2 Automation is a Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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