How to Tell if Your Business is Ready for Cloud CRM

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A cloud CRM solution brings with it many benefits, like security, reliability, and affordability.  However, sometimes it can be hard to tell if the time is right to move to a cloud-based solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

I’ve found that often the best times to look at a new solution or a new means of deploying a solution are when you are faced with certain business challenges or times of change.  Do you ever find yourself saying or thinking any of the following?

  • We’re having difficulty staffing qualified IT professionals.
  • We’re concerned about the security of our data.
  • We’re concerned about the security of our transactions.
  • We’re concerned about the security of our communications.
  • We aren’t always able to respond quickly to market demands.
  • We need to reduce overhead costs.
  • Staying up to date with evolving technologies is difficult for us.
  • Maintaining current hardware and software is time consuming.
  • We need to operate in real time to meet 24-hour demand.
  • We need to deliver services to remote offices or workers.
  • Our growth depends on our implementation of new technology.
  • We need to upgrade our infrastructure.
  • We need to relocate our infrastructure.
  • We’re undergoing a merger or acquisition.
  • The scale of our operations is going to change.
  • We want to expand into new markets.
  • We’d like to focus our efforts on our core competencies.
  • We need to focus only on mission-critical activities.
  • We need to implement a global IT network, but we lack the resources.
  • We’re concerned about our ability to keep up with the latest security threats.
  • We’re affected by privacy or security regulations.
  • We’re experiencing dynamic business growth but have a hiring freeze.
  • We need to maintain our current IT capabilities but are downsizing.

If any of those statements ring true for you and your organization, it may be a good time to consider a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that gives your users anywhere, anytime access to a cloud CRM solution that offers predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing, guaranteed services levels, simple applications management, and rapid implementation options.

To assess whether or not a cloud CRM solution is right for your business, request a complimentary Cloud Impact Assessment from Socius.

By Socius, a Cloud CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas