Give Your Sales Team A Boost with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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The beginning of a new year often brings renewed focus on corporate objectives, such as “improve sales”.  There are many ways to attack this common objective; however, the right technology can give you a solid lead, figuratively and literally.  Boost the productivity of your sales team, as well as increase sales figures with a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

Most sales professionals have their own unique way of storing customer information, from basic details to current and historical purchases, and other customer preferences.  If you could collect all of this data into a single software solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and combine it with social media and marketing efforts, as well as other internet data, you’ll gain valuable insight into your customer accounts.  Customer by customer, you can evaluate sales histories and determine what products they are buying and when.  You can see trends in products that might help you cross-sell or up-sell similar or related items.  You may also discover seasonal or replenishment rates, noting when a customer purchases items in large volumes or is restocking shelves in smaller volumes.  You can use this data to contact customers when it’s time to restock, as well as control your own internal inventory levels so you always have the inventory your customers need, when they need it.

Time is important to every salesperson and, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales team can spend more time with customers and less time on data-entry.  Taking productivity to a whole new level, the sales team can get their customer data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM by using Microsoft Outlook messaging and collaboration client.  Check on customer orders, update or change an order, answer a customer’s question by simply logging on from a web-enabled device, including most Smartphones and tablets.  Streamline common sales activities like turning customer email messages into an opportunity in the sales pipeline and have Microsoft Dynamics CRM notify you when a followup meeting or other post-sale activity is needed.

Strengthen your sales team and all of their efforts with a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Control sales and marketing activities, gain valuable customer insight, and use your data to improve sales and productivity.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it can give your sales team a boost:


By Rimrock Corporation, Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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